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Bananza offers comprehensive, online technical support for make-up air handlers.

Find everything you need here to service or maintain Bananza equipment. Get help troubleshooting equipment or ordering replacement parts for your air handler. You can even download our Installation, Operation and Service manuals. Want to contact the factory direct? Simply email or call our experienced, in house HVAC and finishing experts.

Download Spray-Cure Troubleshooting Guide


Download Spray-Cure Remote Identification


Sequence of Operations

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Basic II Cure

Basic II Spray

Deluxe Digital

Digital 60-160

Digital Dual 1

Digital Dual 2


Wiring Diagrams

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24V 1999 and Older

• HVAC 24V Discharge Temp Control Remote

• HVAC 24V No Remote

• HVAC 24V SDC Remote

• HVAC 24V Space Temp Control Remote

• Spray-Cure 24V Basic Spray Remote

• Spray-Cure 24V Future Cure Remote

• Spray-Cure 24V Spray Cure Deluxe Digital Remote

• Spray-Cure 24V Spray Cure Dual 2 Remote

• All 24V Electrical Drawings


120V 2000 and Newer

• HVAC 120v Bananza Basic II HVAC

• HVAC 120v Bananza Room Temp Controls Remote

• HVAC 120v Bananza Standard Discharge Control Remote

• 120v Options B650 and B1000

• 120v Options B2000

• 120v Options B3000

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza AM01 Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Basic Cure Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Basic Spray Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Deluxe Digital Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Digital Deluxe 60-160 Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Digital Dual 1 Remote

• Spray-Cure 120v Bananza Dual 2 Remote

• Spray-Cure AM01 to AM02 Retrofit


VFD: Yaskawa J7-V7-P7

• Yaskawa J7 1 pot 5HP or less Model

• Yaskawa J7 2 pot 5HP or less

• Yaskawa J7 5HP or less photohelic

• Yaskawa J7 VFD 5HP or less prepbooth

• Yaskawa J7 VFD 5HP or less Unicure K-Cycle

• Yaskawa P7 1 pot 15HP or more

• Yaskawa P7 2 pot 15HP or more

• Yaskawa P7 15HP or more photohelic

• Yaskawa V7 1 pot 7.5 to 10HP

• Yaskawa V7 2 pot 7.5 to 10HP

• Yaskawa V7 7.5 to 10 HP photohelic

• Yaskawa V7 VFD 7.5 TO 10HP Prepbooth

• Yaskawa V7 VFD 7.5 TO 10HP Unicure K-Cycle


VFD: Yaskawa J1000-V1000

• Yaskawa J1000  7.5 HP or less Photohelic

• Yaskawa J1000 1 pot 7.5HP or less

• Yaskawa J1000 2 pot 7 5HP or less

• Yaskawa J1000 VFD 7.5HP or less prepbooth

• Yaskawa V1000 1 pot 10 to 25HP

• Yaskawa V1000 2 pot 10 TO 25HP

• Yaskawa V1000 10 to 25HP Photohelic Model (1)

• Yaskawa V1000 VFD 10 to 25HP prepbooth













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