Direct Fired Parts 

Direct fired air handlers provide heat, pressurization and/or ventilation to the space. Over the life of the heater, parts will need to be replaced. The customer service team at Bananza will be able to assist with part identification. BANANZA® Replacement Parts are warranted for a period of 12 months from date of shipment from Bananza or the remaining BANANZA® B-Series warranty. Before ordering replacement parts, please contact the factory to make sure that replacement parts are the direct replacement for your specific unit. Common part descriptions are included below for reference.
Honeywell Ignition Module (7800-Series) - Functioning as the brain of the air handler, Honeywell Ignition Modules are standard on every air handler, located in the unit control enclosure.
Honeywell Flame Amplifier (7800-Series) - Honeywell Flame Amplifier transmits a 5V signal, indicating the presence or lack of presence of flame from the ultraviolet scanner. This amplifier locks into the bottom of the standard ignition module.
Honeywell Ultraviolet Scanner - Honeywell Ultraviolet Scanner (UV) detects radiation emitted from the burner flame. A signal is sent back to the flame amplifier on the ignition module.
Honeywell Purge Card (7800-Series) - Honeywell Purge Card provides pre-purge timing for the flame module. Once dust cover has been removed, purge card can be inserted.
Maxitrol Amplifiers (1014, 1044, 1494) - Maxitrol Amplifiers supply output voltage to the modulating regulating valve based on incoming information from the temperature sensor and Selectrastat (temperature selector). With the addition of positive low fire start, allows for the burner to start in low fire rather than high fire during air handler start-up.
Maxitrol Selectra® Modulating Valves (M/MR-Series) - Maxitrol Modulating / Modulating/Regulating Valves (MRV) perform dual function of gas modulation and pressure regulation. Valves are standard on every air handler.
Honeywell Safety Shutoff Valves (SSOV) - Honeywell Safety Shutoff valves are available in 2psi or 5psi version on ANSI-Compliant, FM-Compliant and XL-Compliant manifolds. Visual indicators are included on safety shutoff valves for vehicle finishing applications. 
Maxitrol Pilot Regulator / Honeywell Solenoid - Pilot Regulator/Solenoid allows for use of on/off control of gas flow to the pilot burner. Combination CV100 valve allows for maximum inlet gas pressure of 14" wc and two valve system allows for maximum inlet gas pressure of 5psi.
Honeywell High & Low Gas Pressure Switches -  Honeywell gas pressure switches monitor gas pressure against the gas pressure setpoint. Burner will turn off if actual pressure exceeds setpoint. 
Huba Airflow Switches - Airflow switches ensure proper airflow across the burner by measuring pressure differential. Each air handler features two non-adjustable switches monitoring low limit at 0.32" wc and high limit at 1.4" wc. 
Honeywell Ignition Transformer - Honeywell Ignition Transformer provides power to the spark plug for proper burner ignition. Ignition transformers are standard on every air handler.
Micron Control Transformer - Micron Control Transformer reduces incoming voltage from 208V/230V/460V/575V to 120V for control components. 
Fused Rotary Disconnect (ABB) - A fused rotary disconnect disconnects the electrical supply from the air handler. The main component located within the control enclosure has protruding shaft to exterior red handle. Red handle on exterior cabinet door must be in OFF position to allow door to open. 
High Temperature Limit Switch - High Temperature Limit Switch monitors the temperature of the discharge air and shuts off the burner is above pre-determined setpoint. The burner can be re-started after the switch has cooled down and the manual reset button has been depressed. 
Maxitrol Discharge Temperature Sensor - Maxitrol Discharge Temperature Sensor senses and transmits the temperature of the discharge air back to the amplifier. Standard on every air handler for use with standard remote panel. 
Maxitrol Mixing Tube - Maxitrol mixing tube houses the discharge air temperature sensor. Air is drawn into the tube through exterior holes and allows accurate temperature reading. Standard on every air handler for use with standard remote panel. 
Maxon Burner - Maxon NP-II LE burners deliver for 30:1 turndown ratio. Burner section lengths vary by model size but each six inch section produces a maximum of 400,000 btu/h. The burner features stainless steel mixing plates attached to a cast iron manifold. 
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) - Variable Frequency Drives available in various voltages (208/230/450/575) and up to 30HP motors. For variable air volume units, based on the information received from the photohelic, the blower speeds up or slows down by modulating the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. For vehicle finishing applications, exhaust fan speeds can be adjusted.
Dwyer Photohelic - For variable air volume units, Dwyer Photohelic located in the control enclosure compares actual indoor vs. outdoor pressure differential to pressure differential setpoint. The high low limits are field adjustable.
Dwyer Null Pressure Switch - For air management units, Dwyer Null Pressure Switch compares actual indoor vs. outdoor pressure differential to pressure differential setpoints. The switch is field adjustable. 
Maxitrol Signal Conditioner - Maxitrol Signal Conditioner controls burner modulation through the regulation of the modulating/regulating valve. The regulation is based on incoming 0-10vDC or 4-40mA singal from the building management system. The signal conditioner is used alternatively to a standard remote panel. 
Air Handler Discharge Air Blower - A double width, double inlet (DWDI), forward curved (FC), v-belt driven blower, located within the air handler housing supplies fresh, heated discharge air into the space. Structural steel framework supports the main blower housing. 
Motors - The single speed motor installed within the cabinet of the air handler is sized for appropriate voltage (208/230/460/575) and available as ODP (open drip proof) or TEFC (totally-enclosed, fan cooled). 
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All installation and service of BANANZA® equipment must be performed by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of equipment sold and supplied by Bananza and conform to all requirements set forth in the BANANZA® manuals and all applicable governmental authorities pertaining to the installation, service, labeling and operation of the equipment. 
To help facilitate optimum performance and safety, Bananza recommends that a qualified contractor conduct, at a minimum, annual inspections of your BANANZA® equipment and perform service where necessary, using only replacement parts sold and supplied by Bananza.