An Industry Leader of Direct-Fired Air Handlers for Paint Booths and HVAC Applications

Direct Fired Heaters

Quality, Reliability, Bananza

The name BANANZA® is associated with excellent support and the company is known for make up air units for the vehicle finishing industry. Direct fired air handlers are also used for make-up air heating in commercial applications.

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Find a Local HVAC Distributor

Local HVAC Representation

At Bananza, we provide you with the tools you need to get the job done quickly and easily. Our distributors are ready and able to provide accurate air handler pricing, installation assistance and after market part sales. Search by zip code now to get started.

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SPRAY-CURE™ Technology

Vehicle Finishing Products

Direct-fired air handlers for automotive part finishing areas or paint booths applications offer an efficient heating option to effectively cure paint. Utilizing SPRAY-CURE™ Technology, air handlers are able to reduce energy cost therefore saving you money. 

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