Paint Booth Make-Up Air Heaters for the Finishing Industry

Commercial-Grade Make-Up Air Units for Industrial Building HVAC

Industrial Building and Warehouse Heating

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Systems

Make-up air heaters protect air quality for workers by improving indoor air quality with a dedicated outdoor air supply and filtration.   Building pressurization enhances warehouse comfort by reducing uncontrolled air infiltration near doors and dock areas.   In heating season, efficient direct-fired heaters allow for 100% heated outside make-up air or a variable percentage of recirculation for added energy efficiency. 

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Automotive Paint Booth SPRAY-CUREā„¢ System

Vehicle Spray Booth Products

SPRAY-CURE™ make-up air heaters protect air quality for painters and boost spray booth throughput and quality for more profitable automotive collision and service shops.  Direct-Fired booth air make-up heaters for automotive paint spray booth or part finishing booths offer worker protections through filtered outdoor air ventilation during paint application as well as ultra-efficient heated paint curing during bake operation. 

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Auto Spray Booth Air Make Up System