Direct Fired Annual Inspection

To avoid "no-heat" situations in the middle of winter, Bananza recommends that customers get a thorough inspection of their equipment on an annual basis by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of direct-fired air handlers.
The list below is not comprehensive. For complete product and service instructions, see the Installation, Operation and Service Manual

 Area Around the Direct-Fired Air Handler*

 Do not store or use flammable objects, liquids or vapors near the equipment. Do not  hang anything or place anything on the air handler. Keep area under and around  equipment free of all objects. Minimum clearances to combustibles around the vent  pipe are significantly higher than the air handler. Maintain a minimum of 36" (91.4 cm) around the vent pipe. 

 Mounting Equipment  / Accessories

 Check strength of mounting equipment (stands, legs, suspension kit, roof curb etc.). Repair or replace as required.


 Check paint (if applicable) and caulking. Inspect housing insulation for loose areas. Repair as required Lightly grease all door latches. 


 Check blower wheel. Clean as required.

 Blower Bearings

 Check condition and tightness of blower bearings and set screws. Check alignment. Lubricate blower bearings. Replace as required.

 Direct-Fired Burner

 Check and clean as per manufacturer's supplier instructions. Inspect vertical models for accumulation of condensation. Clean burner plates and drill burner orifices annually.


 Check blower belt tension and re-adjust as required. Check belts for wear and replace as required.


 Check sheaves for wear and alignment. Adjust or replace as required.

 Flame Sensor

 Check UV scanner or flame rod. Clean scanner lens; check position of flame rod. Replace as required.

 Burner Igniter

 Inspect and clean or replace as required. Set the gap to 0.778" (2mm).

 Blower Motor

 Check and lubricate as per manufacturer's instructions. Replace as required.

 Controls / Remote Panel

 There should be no exposed wire or damage to the device or wiring. Replace as required.

 Gas Controls

 Check gas control assembly and internal / external piping for leaks. Relief vent lines to outdoors should be checked for blockages. Clean as required.

 Electric Controls

 Check all electrical connectors for tightness. Tighten as required.

 Safety and Control Components

 Check and clean all safety and control components. Inspect tubing for obstructions. Confirm operation of all safety switches. Clean or replace as required.

 Temperature Transmitters

 Check and calibrate as required.


 Check linkage and tighten set screws as required. Clean and lubricate, as required.


 Check filters and clean or replace as required. Calibrate clogged filter switch (if applicable).


 Consult an indoor air quality professional for proper cleaning procedures. Check flexible duct connection for deterioration. Repair as required. Minimum temperature rating for flexible duct connections must be 500°F (260°C).

 Wall Tag

 If a wall tag is present, make sure it is legible and accurate. Please contact Bananza or your BANANZA® independent distributor if you need a wall tag. 

 Safety Labels and Signs

 Product safety signs or labels should be replaced by the product user if they are no longer legible. Please contact Bananza or your BANANZA® independent distributor to obtain replacement signs or labels.  

 Vent Pipe and Terminals

 Look for dirt, obstructions, cracks on the pipe, gaps in the sealed areas or corrosion. Clean or replace as required. Do not use the heater if there is dirt, sagging, cracking or distortion. Remove any carbon deposits or scale using a wire brush. If applicable, check insulation of vent pipe. Repair as required. Insulation must have a minimum temperature rating of 1000°F (538°C)

* Maintain clearances to combustibles at all times for safety. Clearances are the required distances that combustible objects must be away from the air handler to prevent serious fire hazards. Items found within the clearances to combustibles area must be immediately removed. Please contact Bananza or a BANANZA® independent distributor to obtain the latest version of the Installation, Operation and Service Manual.