Direct-Fired Air Handlers for HVAC Applications

Direct-fired air handlers for the HVAC market provide heated outside air into the space. Based on building needs, air handlers can adequately maintain a pressurized space allowing up to 80% return air for reduced energy cost. All heaters are built to ETL standards per ANSI Z83.18 or Z83.4. 
Direct Fired Rooftop Air Handler
Four basic configuration styles are available. Heaters with a constant discharge air volume include Make-Up Air, Fixed Recirculation and Air Management. Variable Air Volume configuration sustains a variable discharge air volume ranging from 100% to 50%. Regardless of configuration selected, a minimum of 20% outside air is required. Before air is delivered into the space, it can be filtered via an inlet hood or filter section.

Additional Features:

  • Variable Frequency Drives for Variable Air Volume units vary the speed of the blower motor resulting in a variable discharge air volume 
  • Upright heater installation with 30" Stand 
  • Filter Section with 2" Permanent Filters
  • Inlet Hood with 2" Permanent Filters
  • Carbon Dioxide Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Control Enclosure Heater
  • GFI Receptacle
  • Low-Limit Stat with Bypass Timer
  • Outside Air Stat
  • Manual Potentiometer